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Twin Cities Stuff for Dresden Files

Haunted Places:

1). Disembodied Hand, Hamline University
2). St. Anthony Main
3). Wabasha Street Caves
4). Grey Cloud Island
5). Washington Avenue Bridge
6). Alimagnet Park Trails
7). Greyhound Bus Haunting (Next to Cemetery)
8). Forepaugh’s Restraunt (Haunted Place)
9). Minneapolis City Hall

Organized Crime,Gang and Vice.

1). Capra/Patterson Syndicate. Gambling Primary source of Income, Under Genoveses
2). Hub of Hell?-Historical Place for rowdy crowds and whatever
3). Hell’s Half Acre – Dark History, “place of utter darkness, wailing and woe.” Blood Frays
4). Ferris Alexander, Racketeer and Pornographer, connected with Genoveses. In Jail
5). Motorcycle Gangs in Souther MN
6). Some of the lowest price, highest purity drugs
7). Augie’s Theatre, Bar, and Lounge in Minneapolis.

High Crime areas.
Crime Info Minneapolis
1). North Minneapolis – Highest Violent/Property Crimes
2). Midtown Minneapolis/Phillips
3). Uptown/Downtown Minneapolis – High Crime, nightlife and entertainment
4). Cedar Riverside
Crime Info St. Paul
1). Frogtown Neighborhood – Light Rail being developed?
2). Westside – Poorest area
3). Grand Avenue/Downtown St. Paul, High Crime Rates/NightLife

Iconic Places

1). Hospitals: HCMC, Regions, Fairview Riverside (Big psych ward)
2). Witch’s Hat Tower – Tower Hill
3). Como Park Zoo and Conservatory – Como Park (Fae???)

Geographical Stuff
1). Mississipi River
2). Fault Lines!

Miscellaenous Places.

1). Foshay Tower – Wilbur Foshay lost his fortune

Minneapolis Communities
Minneapolis Neighborhoods
Minneapolis Wikipedia
1). Calhoun Isles
2). Camden
3). Central
4). Longfellow
5). Near North
6). Nokomis
7). North East
8). Phillips
9). Powderhorn
10). Southwest
11). University
1). Uptown – Well Known buisness district
2). Eat Street – Restraunts and Commerce, Newest
3). Old St. Anthony
4). Dinky Town – Area N of UofM, Student Population, Frat Row
5). Warehouse District – Nightlife and Entertainment, in Downtown, artsy
6). Misc. Mills District, The Wedge, Minnehaha, Tower Hill

St. Paul Communities
St. Paul Wikipedia
1). Battle Creek – Bedroom Community, Missisippi River
2). Greater East Side – Middleclass area, 3M and Whirlpool left area
3). West Side – Home of Largest Hispanic Community, Cesar Chavez Boulevard
4). Dayton’s Bluff – 1880s, Indian Mounds Park and prehistoric mounds, Recent Renovation
5). Payne-Phalen – Middleclass and Upscale
6). North End – Blue collar, fast food, bars, night clubs, junkyards and auto-wrecking
7). Thomas-Dale – Frogtown
8). Summit-University – Cathedral Hill, Hmong and Asian Communities
9). West Seventh – Historic Fur Trading path, heart of Saint Paul Commerce
10). Commo Park – Open Fields and Recreation, Como Park, Zoo, and Conservatory
11). Midway – Between Minneapolis and Saint Paul, passenger rail terminal, Hamline, Shopping Districts
12). Saint Anthony Park -Many Shps and Restraunts, Cargnie Library.
13). Union Park – Residential with early 20th Century Housing, Boutique Shopping, Concordia and St. Thomas U
14). Macalaster-Groveland – Tall Bluffs along Mississippi, St. Thomas U
15). Highland Park – St. Cate’s, Private Schools abound
16). Summit Hill and Crocus Hill – Longest stretches of Victorian Mansions, homes of famous people and some Gangsters
17). Downtown – Pleasant Parks, Xcel Energy Center, extensive skyway system

Norse Mythology
1. Jotuns or Frost Giants probably have legitimate beef.
2. Odin has appeared in the Dresden Files
3. Nine Worlds. Midgard is the home of the Humans
4. Helheim is home of the dead, below Nilfheim land of Fog and Mist
5. Bifrost = Rainbow Bridge.
6. Midgard Serpent = dragon, Nidhug, another dragon
7. Vanir and Aesir Warred. (Old vs New Gods)

Somali Mythology

Hmong Shamans

City Research

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