There are two types of dragons, distinguished by their spelling: Dragons “large D” and dragons “little d”. Dragons (with an uppercase D) are elemental forces of the cosmos in the more Asian sense of the concept, semi-divine beings who were once given authority over various portions of the mortal universe, and who were responsible for their orderly procession. The dragons (with a regular lowercase d) are like the general concept of dragons, but they are essentially nothing but emissaries and servitors created in the image of the real thing. There are not nearly as many as there were in the past. Both kinds of dragons almost universally resent humanity for usurping the balance of power in the world.

The following is the list of Dragons, the “large D” kind.


Geographically centered in Minnesota, he has become more interactive with mortals in the past twenty years. Windsor Simon Pearce is his acting Vizer and Financial Consultant. Chyrsophylax founded DH Acquisitions, LLC to expand his horde and to add objects that are singular in the universe to his collection. Since Pearce has become his intermediary, his horde has grown immensely. Little is known about Chrysophylax himself except that he is cunning, powerful and practically immortal.


Ferrovax claims to be the oldest and most powerful of Dragonkind. There are some warnings in ancient Lore to not use anything, but his full name. Ferrorvax claims to have power over True Names. He has been known to be about the Chicago area.


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