The Power of Faith

Billions of people believe in some kind of power greater than themselves. That kind of belief creates power of unimaginable. This power of belief is rarely focused and is constrained by most Mortals, even those apart of the church, not knowing or understanding the supernatural world. There are a few (for whatever reason, but if you ask them it is probably from faith) that are able to harness this belief to protect others.

Knights of the Cross

Knights of the Cross, Also known as the Knights of the Sword, are people chosen to wield one of the holy swords that God sent to Earth. Much like the legendary Excalibur (actually Amoracchius), the swords serve the righteous for a just cause. Each is reputed a religious artifact inside the hilt, such as a nail from the Crucifixion. They cannot be touched by “unclean” beings, although this protection can be disabled if the bearer attempts to use them in a dishonorable or evil way; the only known way to destroy a Sword is to use it to kill a truly innocent being, or alternatively, in an act that goes against its nature (Faith, Hope, and Love).

The Knights are endowed with the power of Faith. Their swords act as foci for their faith, and seem able to harm any supernatural being, including those whose respective mythological vein runs parallel to a religious mythos, such as The Fallen. The Swords are shown to inflict pain on faeries, though this may be a vulnerability to cold steel more than anything else. The Knights are also frequent beneficiaries of seemingly coincidental events that either aid their cause or lead them to places where their assistance is required. The original founding purpose of the Knights was to battle The Order of the Blackened Denarius and redeem those humans corrupted into serving the Fallen. The archangels who gift the swords also watch over the wielders, and as a result, the Knights of the Cross can bring almost unstoppable power to bear if their guardian spirits choose to manifest. The Knights also have members of various faiths who act as part of their support network and tend to be more “clued in.”

The Heavenly Host

The Angels rarely act given as God seems to be a protector of Human Free will. Rumor has it that they interfere only when free will is subverted, how they determine this is beyond mortal and immortal ken. There are several Archangels who are beings of immense power, it is theorized that any one of them could obliterate the world with a single thought. Archangels to note are Michael, “Prince of the Host,” Gabriel, “The Trumpeter,” Raphael, "The Binder of Demons, and Uriel, “The Watchman” (Uriel has also been referred by some in the supernatural world as “Heaven’s Spook”). The Power of Soulfire is granted by the Heavenly Host as the direct counter to Hellfire.


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