Helping Hands Shelter

The Helping Hands Shelter (Destroyed)


Even the Lost go Missing



The Shelter was destroyed during the events of Helping Hand.

When Dorothy Day burned down in the winter riots last year, it was rebuilt and reopenned by Evan St. Claire through the use of private dontations and has been renamed after his charity, The Helping Hands. The Helping Hands Shelter is located in Downtown St. Paul and provides hot meals served by volunteers, mental health services and medical care and much more to people experiencing homelessness. The Helping Hands Housing First staff help guests move from the Dorothy Day Center into a place that best fits their needs. Evan, himself, is spearheading a move to end homelessness in the Twin Cities, something that has been tried before, but with the assorted financiers backing him he has been able to unite many of the shelter resources under his umbrella.

The only shelter not operating as a part of his group is the one run by Sister Dark over at the Basilica of St Mary.

Helping Hands Shelter

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