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I first want to acknowledge my players (Erik, Jeremy, John, Max, and Travis) for starting up the campaign and coming up with some great ideas! I am really excited to explore them in the upcoming sessions. I also have to thank my wife (Kim) for giving me the time to spend in planning this game. I also have to thank Jim Butcher for creating a truly wonderful series of books with a universe that is fun to explore. The Dresden Files RPG (Both Your Story and Our World) and FATE are products of Evil Hat Productions and are excellent games that I encourage anyone to look into. The Dresden Files are also a product of Jim Butcher.

I also want to thank the Obsidian Portal Community for their help, both active and passive, in the design and layout of this website. Specifically for Kallak’s character arrangement coding and help with some cleaning it up and showing how overlays work, Basilleus’s help in answering some noobish CSS questions that were, quite frankly, giving me a huge headache; and Thorvaldr, the wolfhound, and madariste for kindly putting up some CSS information/formatting ideas on their respective campaigns that I found very useful. I also have to acknowledge the Dresden Files Wikipedia and Wikipedia for some of the content within.

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