Latin Kings

Latin Kings (Destroyed)


The Latin Kings have been destroyed after the events of both Falling Star and Changing Faces.


The most powerful street gang in St. Paul, centralized in the West Side, it primarily deals in narcotics and is responsible for most of the drug traffic in the Twin Cities. The Latin Kings came to prominence when Richie Hernandez assumed control of the gang. His connections with South American Drug Cartels gave him easy access to narcotics and his introduction of ’’Red Bliss" into drug traffic made the Latin Kings a big player in the Midwest drug trade.

Local authorities suspect that Carlos Ortega’s banking cartel has been backing the Latin Kings, which allowed Richie to use the influx of money to either absorb and destroy most of his other competitors. Lately, the Latin Kings have been eyeing a more direct confrontation with the Capra/Patterson Syndicate and destroying the upstart Broadway Shotgun Boys to further consolidate their control over criminal activity in the Twin Cities.

Latin Kings

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