Location and Face Ideas

Location: Wabasha Caves
Face: Magnus Johanson, leader of the Wyvern Cult

Location: Ft. Snelling National Cemetery
Face: Lieutenant Colonel John Wesley Jackson III, commander of Omega Battalion – the Army’s zombie soldiers

Location: 1st National Bank Building
Face: Lionel Asher, head custodian/Guardian of the Sacred Beacon

Location: Forepaugh’s
Face: Donald Hernandez, executive chef and ghost buster

Location: St. Paul Central Library
Face: Bethany Tempest, research librarian and White Council archivist (ask her about the “special collection”)

Location: First Ave
Face: Steve McClellan, club manager by night, White Court vampire by late night

Location: Anoka Metro Regional Treatment Center
Face: Dr. Duhkha Kastakara, medical director
(In my mind, the tunnels under the hospital serve as St. Paul’s version of Arkham Asylum)

Location: Indian Mounds Regional Park
Face: Cricket Sings, ancient Hopewell Culture guardian spirit (I felt like Bobby was too transient to serve as the face for the park and this gives the burial mounds the spiritual “oomph” they deserve)

Location: Grand Rounds National Scenic Byway
Face: Minnehaha, a water nymph

Location: Mickey’s Diner
Face: Bertha James, unflappably irascible waitress
(I pictured this as possibly serving a similar purpose to the “Neutral Grounds” coffee shop in the book)

Location: The Mall of America
Face: Madison Johanson, Abercrombie and Fitch Manager, former Miss.Edina, Hedge Witch, and oh, yeah, daughter of the most infamous cult leader in the Midwest.

Location: Hell’s Half Acre
Face: Val, Fallen Valkyrie and Biker Chick
Description: Located just south of the Twin Cities, outside of Burnsville, the Hell’s Half Acre is a seedy biker bar and all around rough joint.
The Idea: It is the main staging area for the Hel’s Angels in their rain of terror for not only the Metropolitan area, but in the Northern Midwest.
The Aspect: A Hive of Scum and Villainy, Nordic Style

Location and Face Ideas

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