The Nevernever

The Nevernever is the spirit world. It exists along side our own as a sort of alternate dimension but it’s shape is not the same as the Mortal world. The Nevernever is vast, much, much larger then the mortal world. perhaps infinite. The Nevernever touches the Mortal world in places where they have something in common, a resonance of energies. If a point in the Nevernever is a dark and spooky place, then it touches a dark and spooky place in the mortal world. But, maybe five feet over it’s only sad and that leads to a place in a cemetery on the other side of the country.

The Nevernever contains—somewhere—the afterlives realms known by various names: Heaven, Hell, Olympus, Elysium, Tartarus, Gehena and others. The Sidhe control the parts of the Nevernever that are closest to the Mortal world. It is separated in two territories ruled by the Summer and Winter Court. The Outer Gates, where the Outsiders attempt to enter our world, are located at the edge of Faerie on their outer borders.

The walks in the Nevernever are very rarely only five feet away, and a person might get confronted by a horrible creature. The Nevernever is a scary place. It is wise to do a lot of planning and have back-up when exploring. However, knowing the Ways, the safe paths, can get a person to a far away location quick and easy with a minimum of monstrous interference.


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