Order of the Jade Serpent

The Order of the Jade Serpent


With the death of Bobby Chan, there are no more practioners of the Jade Serpent in the Twin Cities


A mystic eastern order that weds western magic to its teachings; it is nominally associated with the White Council. Followers of their teachings are renowned alchemists and can make mixtures and elixirs that are the marvel of the supernatural world. The Order has come under some pressure during the Vampire War, but because of its small size, and relative neutrality, it has been left largely unmolested.

The Order of the Jade Serpent’s alchemy is based around the Chinese system of wu xing: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water plus the three treasures of Chinese internal alchemy: jing (essence), qi (breath), and shen (spirit).

Order of the Jade Serpent

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