Our House Rules

House Rules
The following is a list of house rules that we will develop as we play. They will be posted here. This page is subject to change:

Story Posting for an Extra Fate Point

Any time your character makes a change from a milestone (trading skills, changing stunts or powers, changing an aspect, buying a new skill, buying a new power or stunt, etc., etc.) they have an option of writing up an adventure to describe what that change is about. This gives the GM (me) and the other players what that change means for the player character in question, it also helps others understand WHAT an aspect is about. If our campaign was a television show, this story is a webisode. Those who do one can post it in the adventure logs or email it to the GM (me). They will get an extra fate point at the next session. You can make changes to your character without doing this, but this is an opportunity to really provide color for your character and the ability/stunt/aspect in question. Here are the guidelines:

  1. You’re story should have a title.
  2. You’re story should be at least a thought out paragraph.
  3. Stories are about enhancing your character, you can include NPCs, Locations, and Themes in the story, but keep it focus on how it changes you. Changes to those things should be done in play or in collaboration with the table.
    1. If there is an idea you like that involves changing one of the aforementioned, run it by the GM and we can present the change to the table.
    2. If you are going to include another PC, get their permission
    3. Change in this case means that you ARE changing what an NPC/Location/Theme is by altering ITS aspects/abilities permanently. This means you can have a story where you beat up an NPC, or get into an altercation with an NPC as the changes are in your aspect.
  4. You’re story should be about the change you are making.
  5. You may post the story yourself, using the posting template in the adventure logs, just post the adventure log and screw the template, or email it to the GM.
  6. Stories should be turned in by the Friday before game time. This lets the GM incorporate it into the session if possible. You will get the FATE point regardless.
  7. For those who are more comfortable with other mediums, it does not have to be a story. A drawing or artwork depicting something about your character, something in the world, etc., etc. is also qualifying.

Mandatory Aspect Changes

One thing that FATE really desires is changing of aspects. Player Characters change the world by their actions and with these changes, so does their relationship. It can be an easy trap to make your aspects static. Any time a Significant Milestone is awarded (You get a skill point, which should work out after each scenario….or 3ish sessions), the player is required to change an Aspect. Because it is mandatory, it is a free change and will not cost you minor Milestones. This prevents things from getting static and lets the GM and other players know what you are interested in doing.

Our House Rules

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