Pig's Eye Public House

Pig’s Eye Public House


Negotiable Neutrality



Pig’s Eye Public House is located on Harriet Island just across The Mississippi River from downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. Harriet island was named for Harriet Bishop, a Baptist school teacher from Vermont. She arrived in Saint Paul in 1847, was involved in the temperance movement, and opened the first school in the frontier city, teaching children of diverse ethnic, racial, and religious backgrounds. She ended up following in love with the proprietor of a local eatery and inspired him to create the Public House that stands today.

The Public House remains in the Blackthorn family and is currently being managed by Jarvis Blackthorn. The grounds boast a theater (for frequent live performances), a bar, an outdoor dance floor, a public bath house, meeting rooms, a playground, a restaurant, two pools (one indoor and one outdoor), along with an exclusive hotel. To the mortal world, Harriet Island and the Public House is a place of health and vitality.

To the supernatural world, the Pig’s Eye Public House boasts a more important function. It is Neutral Ground administered by the Wyldfae in the Cities Twinned as outlined in the Accords. Blackthorn is not mortal, he is a Sidhe Lord in service to the Erlking and acts as the High Adjudicator on supernatural occurrences in the area, for a modest fee. Blackthorn is willing to provide safe haven, for a time, but staying on the grounds is never free and there is always a cost in dealing with faeries.

Pig's Eye Public House

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