Sacred Grounds

Sacred Grounds


Refreshing Coffee for the Soul



Sacred Grounds is a small cafe located in Swede Hollow Park, on the opposite side of the Abandoned Hamm’s Brewery and Mansion in St. Paul. The Cafe is built in a remodeled building that had once served as a small church for the original settlers of the Twin Cities. Upon its opening, the grounds were blessed by a priest from St. Mary’s.

The Cafe is unique as many students, wealthy, working class, and the down and out pass by and stop to get a hot cup of coffee, mingling in line together. No matter the troubles, worries, or stress that the customers bring in, they always leave feeling refreshed and renewed of purpose when they leave.

Brittany Winters is one of the Baristas who work there and she maintains an apartment above the cafe.

Events of Franchise Opportunities:

Brittany Winters was able to expand the Lost Girls and her Coffee Shop into Minneapolis. Madison Jotunnson was able to create a Way between the locations in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Sacred Grounds

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