Theme Ideas

Theme: Minnesota Nice means never knowing who your enemies are
Theme: The most livable city in America – for those who know not to ask too many questions
Threat: It’s unusually cold – even for Minnesota

Theme: A House Divided
Description: The Mississippi River cuts the Twin Cities in half, with Minneapolis on the west side and St. Paul in the east side. Both cities, while numerous in similarities, also have their own distinct flavor and can be quite competitive and petty with the other.

The Mississippi also has a profound effect on the Nevernever and magic in the mortal realm. It acts as a threshold, magical constructs have a difficult time crossing from one side to the other and need to use man-made bridges to do so. Magics worked on one side of the river can have their effects diluted when affecting something on the other side of the river. The Mississippi also has a reflection in the Nevernever in the form of a Wall of Frozen Flame. It is nigh impossible to scale and trying to go over it has nightmarish consequences. It resists energies that attempt to go through it and while there are Ways around it they are at best extremely inconvenient, but most are extremely dangerous. It is easier, for example, to take a Way to St. Paul, cross the I-94 bridge, and then enter the ways back in Minneapolis.

This magical and natural division has attracted the presence of the Fae Courts. The Divide drew the Fairies almost as a moth to a flame. The Courts struggle over controls of the various passes, both in the mortal realm and the Nevernever. With the Winter Court presence most keenly felt in St. Paul and the Summer Court moreso in Minneapolis. This eternal standoff has transformed the Twin Cities into “Berlin” for the magical community, with the river as the Berlin Wall. Mab and Titania are interested in keeping this war cold; however local Sidhe Nobility are interested in heating things up. The only thing the mortals know is that Minnesota winters get extremely cold and the summers run extremely hot.

Threat: Blurred Lines
Description: The White Court has found itself allied with Genovese Crime Syndicate and strong control over the local casinos and strip-clubs, along with other forms of illegal vice. The Red Court has primarily stuck with drug trafficking and gang activity, utilizing the Hel’s Angels as a primary means of moving product up and through the Twin Cities along the I-35 Corridor. Recently though, more ambitious members of both groups are making attempts to move into the others territory (the Red Court has been moving in on Prostitution, opening up certain clubs, becoming involved in gaming; whereas the White Court and the Genovese have become more interested in pushing synthetic drugs into the area.) It is only a matter of time before these two interests clash, with the Black Court eager to swoop in and….“eat up” the pieces.

Theme: Old Gods, New World
Description: Some of the Norse Gods have relocated to the area, but there are rumors of old tensions between the Vanir and Aesir have started to rear its head. They all, of course, are made uncomfortable by the presence of Hel and her biker gang (Hel’s Angels) made up primarily of beserkers, mortals with the blood of frost giants or cursed by with the gift Fenrir (Lycanthropes).

Theme Ideas

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