Wabasha Street Caves

Wabasha Street Caves


Growing Hunger



Since being abandoned by the Wyvern Cult at the end of Falling Star, it has become home to the Ningizzida, a Ghoul clan. It serves as a perfect place for them to steal into either Minneapolis or St. Paul to feed.


The Wabasha Street Caves is an event hall built into the sandstone caves located on the south shore of the Mississippi River in downtown Saint Paul, Minnesota. The caves have been home to mobsters, speakeasies, and other more unsavory things.

The caves, which technically are mines because they are manmade, are carved out of sandstone and date back to the 1840s. Throughout history the caves have been used for a number of different activities, including growing mushrooms, storage of food and belongings, music, and dancing. If one travels deeper in the caves you can find man made caverns dating almost back to prehistoric times. Few mortals ever traverse these depths as most don’t return because of “spelunking” accidents. (Accidents that involve having their bodies rent limb from limb.)

Those who have returned are a little unwilling to speak of their journey and just describe it as bone chilling. The caves have been abandoned since the Wyvern Cult that is led by Magnus Jotunnson has taken refuge there. Those few brave and foolish souls who venture down report hearing odd chanting and seeing even odder shadows.

Wabasha Street Caves

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