Warehouse District

The Warehouse District


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The North Loop is a neighborhood of the Central community of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The neighborhood is commonly known as the Warehouse District from the city’s shipping hub years. It includes the Minneapolis Warehouse Historic District which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The North Loop is located just northwest of the central business district between downtown Minneapolis and the Mississippi River. Streets in the North Loop are oriented to be parallel to the river, which means that they run at a 45-degree angle.

Although the extent of the neighborhood technically extends further to the south, the main residential and commercial area of the North Loop is roughly a rectangle bounded by Hennepin Avenue (in the southeast), Plymouth Avenue (in the northwest), the elevated 4th street freeway entrance/exit in the southwest, and the Mississippi River in the northeast. Washington Avenue is the main thoroughfare through the neighborhood.

The Warehouse District is central to the Minneapolis nightlife and boasts a large number of restaurants. Steve McCellan bought out and remodeled First Avenue. Since then, his club has been featured in Vita.mn and Minnesota Monthly twice in the past year alone; with the former claiming that his club “has brought a raw energy that has been missing from the Minneapolis Night life.” Now of course some rumors hold that Steve is mobbed up as Peter Capra is his business partner, but the supernatural community knows that Steve is a White Court vampire.

Warehouse District

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