Witch's Hat Tower

Witch’s Hat Tower


Thing of the Hill



Witch’s Hat Tower sits atop the World Chair and is apart of the ritual of Gleipnir. The physical passage to the World Chair is shut and can only be unlocked by a gold key that Craig Hale possess as its Current Guardian. Craig has restored it after the damage done to it in Helping Hand, he has also placed a large statue of Bobby Chan on the grounds.


Prospect Park is an historic neighborhood within the University community of Minneapolis, Minnesota. The area is bounded by the Mississippi River to the south, the City of Saint Paul, Minnesota to the east, the Burlington Northern railroad yard to the north, and the Stadium Village commercial district of the University of Minnesota to the west. The neighborhood is composed of several districts which include the East River Road area.

Dominating the park is a water tower atop a large hill attached to an old building, the tower is referred to as Witch’s Hat Tower, because of the shape of the peak, with the adjoined building as Witch’s Hat Tower Library. A small library noted for its poor wifi reception, dated apple macintoshes and a collection of odd books.

What most people in the neighborhood do not know is that Witch’s Hat Tower is a massive collection of Ley Lines and a Way Nexus for the Twin Cities. The Accords have granted this land to the White Council; however many factions would love to gain control of this location as it is the easiest path to cross The Mississippi River in the Nevernever and the Ley Lines hold tremendous power.

Bethany Tempest manages the library on behalf of the White Council, it is the largest collection of arcane and supernatural lore in the City.

Witch's Hat Tower

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