Wyvern Cult

The Wyvern Cult


With Magnus’s defeat in Falling Star, the cult has largely scattered; however with the Warlock still at large it is hard to consider it destroyed.


The Wyvern cult is a doomsday cult with heavy Germanic pagan influences. Violent and unpredictable, they partake in rituals that involve sacrifice and violence. They believe that the end of the world is coming and a time of change shall arrive soon and they rejoice with the coming of Ragnarok when all men can throw off the shackles of bondage.

The cult made national news attention with the murderous gun fight they have at the Eden Prairie Mall against authorities. Magnus Jotunnson was exposed as their leader and subsequently financially ruined. Rumor has it that the cult has been hiding in the Wabasha Street Caves beneath the Twin Cities.

Wyvern Cult

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